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Have you checked your skin recently? Do you have moles that are growing? Freckles that are multiplying?

With summer being here, it's important to not only wear sun protection but also to be aware of potential cancerous moles and freckles. Our Experienced Doctors at Starhill Medical Centre are able to perform skin biopsy and excisions. Starhill Medical Centre also has onsite pathology collection centre. If you have any concerning spots or wanting to discuss skin cancer prevention, Book an appointment Now.



Our Practice & Team



Our Practice

Starhill Medical Centre aim’s to provide affordable quality health care and compassionate care to our patients. Starhill Medical Centre believes in working together with you in providing you these care.


You will be treated with respect and dignity throughout your experience from the time you book your appointment, arriving at the Medical Centre, during consultation and treatment by the committed team at Starhill Medical Centre. We take pride in serving you.


Our Mission

Committed to provide affordable and family centred quality health care with compassion and respect to our patient and community in this region.


Our Values (C.A.R.E )

Compassion – Providing comfort and taking care with kindness through our service.


Affordable – Providing affordable quality health care.


Respect – Delivering services in professional manner and behaviour. Treating everyone with dignity and maintaining confidentiality.


Encourage Teamwork – Working together in harmony to achieve effective and efficient delivery of services.

Our Team



Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran


Principal Doctor

Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran is an experienced female GP and is the Principal Doctor of Starhill Medical Centre. She has completed her Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She holds a Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy and Histopathology and Primary Care Skin Cancer Therapeutics. She has also completed her Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and Advanced certificate of Aesthetic Medicine.

She is constantly striving to provide the best care for her patients and believes that optimal health and wellbeing is achieved only through a holistic approach to health .This has further lead her to continue her academic pursuit in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and continues to work with her patients with a Functional and Integrated approach to get to root course of their illness and improve their health and wellbeing.

Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran enjoys the intellectual challenges of being a GP and understands that every patient is unique and important. She always strives to achieve the best health outcomes for her patients. She is a true believer in providing quality care with respect and compassion. Dr Ashwini Gana Baskaran is a member and examiner of RACGP( Royal Australian College of General Practice) , a member of Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).


Dr Kirsty



Dr Kirsty Steele was born and raised in rural Scotland, UK. She attended the University of Aberdeen and graduated with an honors degree in 2011. Dr Steele worked as a junior doctor in the NHS in Oxford, England until 2013 at which time she joined the NHS GP training program in Oxford. She successfully completed her GP training in 2015 becoming a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Dr Steele is excited to now be living and working in Western Australia. Dr Kirsty Steele believes a holistic approach to health care leads to a better quality of life for the patient. She strongly feels compassion and patient centred care must be the focus in her day to day practice, she enjoys seeing patients of all ages and strives to help those patients achieve the best health possible.

Dr Tanaskovic
MD (Belgrade)



Dr Tanaskovic is a male GP with special interest in geriatrics, paediatrics, chronic disease and mental health. Dr Tanaskovic has a broad experience in emergency medicine and minor surgical procedures. Dr Tanaskovic graduated from Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, in 1979. He have been working as a family physician in Serbia and Croatia. Dr Tanaskovic was working in many countries of Africa, part time with UN, as a GP and Emergency Medicine Hospital Officer. He is well verse in English, Serbian and Croatian language. The last ten years Dr Tanaskovic has been practicing as a GP in Australia. Dr Tanaskovic is a strong communicator, energetic and has a calming demeanour which puts patients at ease, helping them to choose the most suitable management plan with the aim to achieve the best outcome.













Dr Ting Shew Ging

Diploma in Practical Dematology (Wales)




Dr. Ting has over 25 years of experience as a general practitioner. She has completed her Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners, holds a Diploma in Practical Dermatology from the University of Wales and has additional training in reproductive medicine and occupational safety and health. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Hock Chew. She is liked by patients for her kindness and holistic approach to patient care and pays special attention to patients’ emotional needs. She constantly updates her medical knowledge and skills as a matter of priority so as to provide the best possible care to her patients.





Registered Nurse




Registered Nurse