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Have you checked your skin recently? Do you have moles that are growing? Freckles that are multiplying?

With summer being here, it's important to not only wear sun protection but also to be aware of potential cancerous moles and freckles. Our Experienced Doctors at Starhill Medical Centre are able to perform skin biopsy and excisions. Starhill Medical Centre also has onsite pathology collection centre. If you have any concerning spots or wanting to discuss skin cancer prevention, Book an appointment Now.



Health Checks and Skin Cancer Checks



Health Checks

Health checks have been introduced to make sure early detection of health condition are possible. Regular health checks are a paramount to a healthy life.


Some of the health checks that may be suited to you:


General health checks can be performed in any age group

  1. A weight, height, BMI and Blood pressure check
  2. Appropriate blood tests, follow up and advise will be given


Health Checks for anyone aged 45-49

  1. Is targeted  to detect Chronic conditions
  2. Early  interventions strategies can be put in place
  3. Follow up of Chronic Problems can be arranged


Diabetic Risk Assessment for people aged 40 to 49

  1. Aimed at people between 40-49 years old
  2. Who are at a high risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus.
  3. Australian type 2 diabetes assessment tool is used (AUSDRISK) to assess your risk of developing type 2 diabetes over the next 5 years


Health Checks for people aged 75 years and over

  1. Eligible for yearly health assessment
  2. Check will be done for physical health, Also medication, lifestyle and mental health review will be undertaken.
  3. Living arrangements discussion and further assistance to be arranged from case to case basis.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health checks

  1. The health checks includes an assessment of the patient’s health, including their physical, psychological and social wellbeing.
  2. It also assesses the need for preventive health care, education and other assistance that the patient needs to improve their health and well being


Asthma check

  1. Asthma diagnosis will be established by a physical check and spirometry assessment
  2. A treatment plan will be organized by your doctor
  3. Regular checks on inhaler techniques and medication needs will be done


Chronic Disease Management (Care Plans)

  1. A plan will be put in place by your doctor to improve your function and quality of life.
  2. A few examples of Chronic Conditions are Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis.
  3. Other conditions can also be eligible for care plan, this will be assessed by your doctor.
  4. Referral to Allied health under a Team Care Arrangement will be placed for a team care collaboration between your GP, you and the relevant allied health professionals. This applies to a case to case basis and your doctor will advise you on what is required.


Osteoporosis Check

  1. A real problem in the developed world affecting quality of life in the aging populations.
  2. Chronic health issues are usually associated with the development of Osteoporosis
  3. Eligible patient can have a Bone Density done and if Osteoporosis is detected than a Care Plan can be put in place to manage it effectively


Cancer screening

Type of cancer screening that can be offered;

  1. Cervical Cancer screening - PAP smear (2 yearly cervical smear from age of 18 to 69)
  2. Breast Cancer Screening (mammography from age of 50 to 69)
  3. Skin Cancer Screening (yearly or opportunistic check)
  4. Bowel Cancer Screening (From the age of 50)
  5. Prostate Cancer Screening ( From the age of 50)


Mental Health

  1. Appropriate treatment plan can be organized if you are struggling with a mental health disorder e.g. Depression and anxiety.


Pre-employment Health checks

  1. We are able to perform Pre employment checks to ensure the worker is medically fit for the job that they are applying for.


Worker’s Compensation

  1. Our doctors will ensure you have your work injuries attended too promptly and appropriate treatment given.
  2. It involves a lot of paperwork, we do hope you bear with us to have it done.


Skin Cancer Checks

Starhill Medical Centre is a Skin Cancer Clinic


We have doctors trained in skin cancer checks, a thorough check using dermoscopy will be done.


Any suspicious lesions will be excised and sent to the lab for further testing.


We also do cryotherapy and advise on medications for other suspicious lesions.


Importance of Skin Cancer Checks to You

Skin cancer checks is a process of checking an individual for any early signs of skin cancer. Having to be detected in the early stage allows for effective early management and treatment.


In most situations, early detected skin cancer can usually be successfully treated. Skin cancer can be fatal if left undetected and untreated.