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5 ways to daily incorporate positive mindset and enhance happiness

Posted By Dr Ashwini  
09:00 AM

With everyday life stress it is important that we can have a daily ritual to maneuverer through life’s maze.

Many of you may already have some steps that help with achieving positive mindset daily.


These are my favourites


  1. Gratitude prayer

I start my day with a gratitude prayer and feel that helps me be focused and live with hope.

  1. Exercise

This is a big one. Everyone who does it understands how it can change an ok day to a great day.

It makes you happy, increases your energy levels and enhances your positive vibes for the day.

  1. Spending quality time with your loved ones

Being able to daily count our blessing and improving our relationship is great. Greeting each other with a smile and embracing them enhances our relationship daily and this itself is a great happiness booster.

  1. Relooking at Goals daily

Having goals is a great way to start your day positively and to enhance happiness. It gives us hope and a guide to what the future might be. It can be small or big goals, what is important is to keep our vision on it.

  1. Doing your best

It is important that we are giving our 100% daily, it may be in our career or relationships, what is important is that we give the best that we can in everything we do.


Hope this is a quick daily guide that may be beneficial to you guys.



About the Author:

Dr Ashwini is a GP interested in Nutrition and Wellness, she thrives to help her patients achieve good health via lifestyle modifications in addition to conventional medicine where possible. This blog is her compilation of thoughts on multiple subjects close to her.




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