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Dr Ashwini is a GP interested in Nutrition and Wellness, she thrives to help her patients achieve good health via lifestyle modifications in addition to conventional medicine where possible. This blog is her compilation of thoughts on multiple subjects close to her. 



14 August 2018

What's the hype with Cauliflower rice?


Cauliflower has been around for ages, but recently its been celebrated and used widely in variety of cooking. This is due to LCHF and Paleo diet that encourages removal of proceeds/ high carbs and introduction of non processed naturally occurring food that is healing our body from a cellular level.


Also many people that are trying to get into this lifestyle are rice eaters and this gives a good alternative to rice!


However its more than just a low carb rice substitute , it’s a healthy vegetable a cup of boiled cauliflower contains only 28 calories( now I don’t believe in counting calories) but it also only contains 5gm of total carbs and a good amount of fibre.


That means we can still eat healthy and enjoy our curries and everything else that makes rice so yummy!



I have a quick recipe that I often use to make cauliflower rice

  1. One cauliflower- used to dice it myself- now just love that the already diced version is available, saves a lot of time and messy kitchen clean ups!
  2. Salt as required, pepper if needed
  3. 1 tablespoon of coconut oil  

Combine all these in a saute pan and saute for about 5 minutes and its ready to be enjoyed.

if I want more flavours then I do add onion and green chillies too! Try it out, great low carb substitute for rice

Try it out, great low carb substitute for rice.




10 July 2018 

Magnesium Miracle


I often get asked by patients, do I need magnesium supplements.

So, lets get some knowledge about this amazing mineral called Magnesium!


What is Magnesium and how does it help us?

Magnesium is a essential nutrient that is involved in more than 300 essential reactions. It’s mostly used for energy production in the ATP cycle and enzyme activation. Magnesium also plays a key role in the active transport of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes, a process that is important for nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, vasomotor tone and normal heart rhythm. It also plays a role in metabolic utilization of vitamins that are crucial for wellbeing.



Why having Magnesium deficiency is Not good for us?

Magnesium deficiency can have multiple symptoms that can mimic a variety of conditions. Usual symptom are sore muscle spasms and cramps, agitation, irritability, lethargy, low stress tolerance and also asleep disturbances.

There are more severe symptom that require medical attention such as low potassium/ calcium, arrythmias and various metabolic and pregnancy related complications.

How can we get magnesium from our diet?

I usually advise a variety of natural foods that contains magnesium to be included in patient’s diet.

(These are also my favorites)

  1. Avocado- my favorite
  2. Banana
  3. Green leafy vegetable especially spinach and kale
  4. Nuts and seeds- my personal favorites are almonds and brazil nuts
  5. Salmon- sustainably sourced
  6. Cacao- can be used to create a variety of healthy deserts



Most people can get required amount of magnesium from diet, but there may be few that need supplements to top up .There are many variety of magnesium supplements out there, please check with your health professional on the dosage and duration of treatment (these will differ based on symptoms and laboratory testing-if required)


Hope this is helpful for you to start enjoying the benefit of the miracle mineral called magnesium!




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